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reasons why hawke could arguably be around for the tear in the veil


  • thought there would be free food


I am still fully convinced that the reason as to why the enemies just appear in hordes(falling from the roofs pfft) in DA2 has to do with Varric changing how many enemies they were to Cassandra.

"They were 10, no 25, no wait 500 thugs all attacking us at once"


PFFFFF! I’m willing to see that! 


*pulls a coin out from behind your ear* *gets taken to the circle by templars*


please let this be dialogue in inquisition pls (because this is my fav)


dragon game 2

  • anders telling giant spiders he kills that’s what you get for fighting a mage 
  • doign magic literally right in front of templars and they just go “mages must be locked up they can’t be treated like humans like you and me *hawke nods vigorously while using frost magic to chill a beverage*” 


no i did not just cry because of this dialogue 


Hawke headcanon that she never lies about being a mage
Templars: U seen any mages?
Hawke: tbh.. I’M a mage actually. BLOOD MAGE. Very dangerous.
Templar: VERY funny….


They looked much like this particular set of stairs.


Because let’s face it, if there is any meme Hawke embodies, it’s Florida Man.

You can all blame Zenatness for introducing me to this meme. I find it hilarious XD.

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